Organizing a wedding can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to start and how to start. There are many professionals who are ready to help but if you are a person who loves to do things on your own or on a tight budget then there are few things you need to keep in mind. Its difficult to do everything in a rush which is why it’s better to have a time before the wedding because aside from wedding planning you have got other things to do as well, so the earlier you start, the more hassle free the wedding is.

The most important thing to consider when planning is the budget, roughly list down all the expenses that can be incurred, for example the venue, the dress, food, if you are planning an outdoor wedding you will have to get chairs and tables, you can look into dining chairs sale Melbourne for this. When discussing about the budget its best to do it with your spouse, your spouse’s family and yours. Decide the amount that can be comfortably contributed and pool in a little more than what is discussed for unexpected expenses. The venue and time, the site where you want to hold the wedding has to be decided early too in order to reserve the place if not you might not be able to book your dream spot.

Whether you want an outdoor wedding or in a hotel has to be discussed among you and your fiancé, usually if you hold the wedding in a hotel they provide the meal services and if the venue doesn’t come with the kitchen you need to look for caterers and hand over your menu. You can browse online for any furniture shop that has quality napoleon chairs for sale and get one down for the wedding. Decide on a wedding theme and get all the décor complementing the theme.Next comes the wedding dress, this can be the most taunting job for the bride, surf the web and pin the dresses you like and then go through them to select your most favorite or if you have design in your mind sit with a professional and discuss how you want your dress.

Visit the florist and order a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and if you want the most beautiful moment in your life to be captured contact a good wedding photography service.Create a guest list, to do this, you and your fiancé should list down all the people that you want to invite; this way you won’t forget them and distribute the invitation and arrange a small thank you gift for all those who attend your wedding. Even with proper organization there is no guarantee that the wedding will be completely hassle free but it will be manageable.