Something that we can all agree upon regardless of anything is that, bugs are the worst! Whether they are tiny harmless creatures or thousand legged poisonous gliders, getting rid of them is one big struggle. But did you know that you are the very cause of them to find their home in your living space? Well, here are some mistakes you probably didn’t know you were doing that’s causing your home to be the location for the next bug-fest! 

Not rinsing the dishwasher

Regardless of how well you scrub off the food remains in your plates and bowls before you place them in the dishwasher, there is always a possibility for scraps to end up falling into the corners. This causes bugs to infest your dishwasher little by little. Before time you might even find rats creeping their way through. To prevent this always make sure at the end of the day you check things and clean thoroughly. This way costs on huge pest inspections could be reduced by hundreds!

Don’t leave dishes unclean

Sometimes when we get back home from a tired day of work, the first thought is to simply eat something and fall asleep leaving the dishes for tomorrow. But did you know that by leaving those dishes you are only calling for a bug infection. Leaving these overnight and for a few more days create room for breeding. So no matter how tired you might be always make sure that you wash those old plates then and there. Bugs don’t only come in the form of termites that you have to call pest control Geelong for, they form and spread in the most unexpected places. So don’t slack on cleaning!

Cardboard boxes are not for storing

While cardboard boxes are probably the most ideal method to transport things from one place to another, when it comes to storing this isn’t an option you shouldn’t even consider in the first place. Since these are corrugated and quite comfy if you are a bug, they make the ideal breeding spot for cockroaches and whatnot. So recycle these instead of using them to store things and find alternatives you could use.

Not cleaning up the crumbs

Crumbs of bread, cake and whatnot are the perfect bug-fest snacks to call in an army of ants and other bugs. However, if you don’t want to end up dealing with this mess, make sure that you clean the tables thoroughly once you are done. This means not slipping them under the mat or dropping them on the floor and pushing it underneath, but cleaning every single corner! Avoid the above mistakes and protect your home from being bug infected to a level more than what you could handle!