Many people have a Hamptons style bedroom. You can design a Hamptons style bedroom by yourself. A number of things are needed to create one. It all starts with the furniture and ends with the finishings.

The features of the bed:

The bed is the focal point of the entire bedroom. This is also the case with Hamptons style bedrooms. Most Hamptons style bedrooms have a large bed in the middle of the room. A small table is placed at the foot of the bed. The small table is often cushioned and lined with fur. The bed has to be large enough to be very prominent. It is often the largest item of furniture in a Hamptons style bedroom. The bed can be made of wood or another substance. Regardless of what it is made of, the bed should match the overall tone of the room. The colour of the bed should match the decor of the room. The linen used with the bed in a Hamptons style bedroom can be changed to great effect. The linen can be used to create a different colour tone for the bed. By changing the sheets, you can alter between designs that match with one or more parts of the room. The linen in a Hamptons style bedroom includes both pillows and sheets. Both the colour and the texture of the linen define how the bed matches with the room.

Windows and lighting:

The windows in a Hamptons style bedroom illuminate the room. The windows should be large enough to let enough light pass through to illuminate the bedroom. This is why most people choose windows with large panes. The windows can have coloured panes as long as they allow light to pass through. Green and brown coloured window panes are very common in Hamptons style bedrooms. The windows are often ten to fifteen feet high and ten to twenty feet wide. This takes up most of the part of the wall. The windows need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Not cleaning windows can affect the quality of light. Most of the illumination of a Hamptons style bedroom during the day should be through its windows. The windows should have matching frames that fit in with the bedroom. The frames are often a shade darker than the paint they are affixed on. This creates a nice looking contrast for the window frames.

Matching curtains and drapes:

The curtains and drapes are another essential part of Hamptons style bedrooms. The curtains should match the room like every other part of it. The curtains are often a shade or two darker than the wall they are hung on. Some people prefer to have drapes instead of curtains. Both things work well with Hamptons bedrooms. Drapes are easier to manage and take up less space.