Every house needs a garage door. The garage door can be of light wood structure or it may be heavy metal. It all depends upon the choice of the user and their utility. The good thing about the garage door is that there is a lot of variety in it to select like material, design, colour etc. The most important factor in all of it is the material because it will affect its functionality and durability. Whenever you need to select your garage doors in Essendon, you can give weightage to design, colour, shape but the most important thing is material. If you will not choose the right material, your garage door will be unable to perform at its best. Nobody wants to replace their gates now and then. While selecting the material for the garage door, always keep an eye on the following factors. 

  • The weather in your area
  • Frequency of door movement
  • Protection level etc. 

There are many materials to choose for garage doors but the common ones in use are;

  • Wood: The wood can be said as the oldest material used for doors, not only garage doors. The advantage of a garage door is that they are lightweight compare depending upon the structure size and pleasing for eyes. The wooden garage doors are made in layers to strengthen the door. Usually, the colour of the door depends on the type of wood selected for the same. But certain points can be coated on a wooden door. The disadvantage of the wooden door is that due to weather conditions, it will be worn down with time and to maintain its colour, regular polishing will be required. Also, if the high-end wood will be chosen, it will become a costly option
  • Steel: Steel can be favourite for garage doors. Usually, the steel garage doors are made in two layers, one will be galvanized and the other will be coated with paint. The steel doors are the durable and perfect fit for any type of weather. The steel is not as expensive as other material, also it can be painted in any colour of you choose. But with time steel can corrode and susceptible to rest. The steel garage doors can also be easily dented due to any external pressure. For more information about garage doors in Keilor please see this page.
  • Aluminium: The aluminium doors are perfect if you want o avoid the rust issue. They came in metallic brushed finishes, but the colour range is limited. Just like steel, the aluminium can also be dented.
  • Fibreglass: The fibreglass is the right choice is you want to eliminate the denting and rusting. They are also lightweight compare to other material like steel, wood etc. The drawback of a fibreglass door is that they can break on impact and they are one of the expensive options in terms of material for the garage door. 
  • Vinyl: The vinyl is stronger than fibreglass and nearly breakproof. Also, they are resistant to denting. In the comparison of fibreglass, they are limited in colour and require little maintenance regularly.